Asparagus and Gruyere Quiche

Recipe by The Inn at 400 West High breakfast chef Anne Cummins (who has since moved on to new roles with the birth of her baby boy and the beginning of grad school!).


1-2 Cups grated gruyere cheese
4-5 stalks asparagus, chooped
1 TBS butter
7 eggs
1 Cup heavy cream or half and half
Black Pepper


  • spray tart pan with non-stick spray. smooth about 1-2C of grated gruyere in the bottom. it should be enough so that you cannot see the bottom of the pan and fill it around 1/3 of the way.
  • sauté a generous handful of asparagus pieces in a tablespoon of butter until softened, but not soggy. place in tart pan.
  • beat 7 eggs with 1 C heavy cream or half and half. I also blend in 10 “shakes” of salt and 10 “grinds” of pepper here. pour into tart pan.
  • bake at 350 for 30-45min until the center is set and the edges are lightly golden. let cool completely before covering and refrigerating (or the quiche will become soggy).